“United to Him–married to Him” by Sinclair Ferguson

“If Christ indwells us by His Spirit so that we are united to Him— married to Him, as it were—then our very bodies are His. Our eyes and what we see, our lips and what we say, our hands and what we touch, our feet and where we go—all are His. Do you live in the conscious awareness of that, yielding your body to Him because He has redeemed it and now wants to sanctify it?

The message of the incarnate Christ is glorious indeed, but it must never be severed from the message of the indwelling Christ. He who came for us as a baby now dwells in us as the Lord of glory through His Spirit. That is His gift to us. The indwelling Christ seeks one gift from you in return. You.”

–Sinclair Ferguson, In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel Centered Life (Orlando: Reformation Trust, 2007), 120.

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