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“Delight in assertions” by Martin Luther

“It is not the mark of a Christian mind to take no delight in assertions. On the contrary, a man must delight in assertions or he will be no Christian.

And by assertion— in order that we may not be misled by words– I mean a constant adhering, affirming, confessing, maintaining, and an invincible persevering. Nor, I think, does the word mean anything else either as used by the Latins or by us in our time.

I am speaking, moreover, about the assertion of those things which have been divinely transmitted to us in the sacred writings… Nothing is better known or more common among Christians than assertion. Take away assertions and you take away Christianity.”

–Martin Luther, The Bondage of the Will, in Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation, Eds. E. Gordon Rupp and Philip Watson (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1969), 105-106.

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“The sole heresy” by D.A. Carson

“The sole heresy has become the view that there is such a thing as heresy.”

–D.A. Carson, Basics For Believers: An Exposition of Philippians (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996), 14.


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“The good news we almost forgot” by Kevin DeYoung

“The only thing more difficult than finding the truth is not losing it. What starts out as new and precious becomes plain and old. What begins a thrilling discovery becomes a rote exercise. What provokes one generation to sacrifice and passion becomes in the next generation a cause for rebellion and apathy.

Why is it that denominations and church movements almost always drift from their theological moorings? Why is it that people who grow up in the church are often less articulate about their faith than the new Christian who converted at forty-five? Why is it that those who grow up with creeds and confessions are usually the ones who hate them most?

Perhaps it’s because truth is like the tip of your nose—it’s hardest to see when it’s right in front of you. No doubt, the church in the West has many new things to learn. But for the most part, everything we need to learn is what we’ve already forgotten. The chief theological task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or to be relevant but to remember.

We must remember the old, old story. We must remember the faith once delivered to the saints. We must remember the truths that spark reformation, revival, and regeneration. And because we want to remember all this, we must also remember—if we are fortunate enough to have ever heard of them in the first place—our creeds, confessions, and catechisms.”

–Kevin DeYoung, The Good News We Almost Forgot (Chicago: Moody, 2010), 13.

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“Truth and culture” by D.A. Carson

“No truth which human beings may articulate can ever be articulated in a culture-transcending way– but that does not mean that the truth thus articulated does not transcend culture.”

–D.A. Carson, “Maintaining Scientific and Christian Truths in a Postmodern World,” Science & Christian Belief, vol. 14, no. 2 (October 2002): 107-122, http://www.scienceandchristianbelief.org/articles/carson.pdf.

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“Pure, unalloyed, perfect truth” by Charles H. Spurgeon

“This is the book untainted by any error, but is pure, unalloyed, perfect truth. Why? Because God wrote it.”

–Charles H. Spurgeon, “The Bible” in Spurgeon’s Sermons, Vol. 1 (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996), 31.

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